Kudapa Maija (1937), writer, journalist

Satirist, translator Kudapa Maija was born on December 2, 1937 in Strautiņi, Jaungulbene Parish, in the family of a surveyor.

Graduated from Riga Technical School of Finance and Credit (1955), Department of Journalism, Faculty of History and Philology, Latvian State University (1968).

She has worked in the financial and insurance system in various Latvian cities, in E. Melngailis Folk Art House, ZA Fundamental Library, in the newspapers “Soviet Youth” and “Dzimtenes Balss”, as a translator at the Latvian Advertising Agency, Zvaigzne Publishing House.

The first literary publication - humorous "Not looking for a man without mistakes" ("Soviet Youth" 1967).

In the humorous collections “Paradise Apples” (1989) and “Bird Dance or When We Grew, It Didn't Go” (1990), she depicted mainly the peripetias of a woman's life. Satir's monologue and dialogue are widely used in Kudapa's works.

Translated works from Russian by A. Pristavkina, M. Kostenecka, B. Yekimova, V. Tokareva and others.

Aliases: M. Asara, M. Melne.

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