Kraujiņš Kārlis (1879 - 1975), writer, journalist

Writer, journalist Kraujiņš Kārlis Oļģerts was born on June 11, 1879 in Lejasveckaļvi, Ranka Parish, in the family of the owner.

He graduated from the school of the parish of Velena (1894). Consigned to military service in St. Petersburg, then worked in the publishing house "Просвещение", "Культура", then in its branch in Rostov-on-Don. 1920 In Novorossiysk, together with V. Meierhold, F. Gladkov, etc., he founded a trade union of writers and artists, which has held responsible positions. 1921 Tuapse, 1922 Sukhumi has worked mainly for various cultural organizations.

1924 returned to Latvia. He was the editor of the newspaper "Ziemeļlatvija" in Valka (1925), managed the J. Roze bookstore and for a short time also the newspaper "Daugavas Vārds" in Daugavpils (1926-1930). After returning to Riga, he devoted himself to writing, criticizing literature and art. Former translator and freelance editor at the State Publishing House (1940-1941, 1944-1945), Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Latvian SSR Presidium's edition "Reporter" (1945-1949). ).

K. Braumanis has introduced K. Kraujiņš in writing. The first published work - a poem "Without the Road" in the magazine "Austrums" in 1900. Worked in various fields of literature: a collection of fables. "Zīļu belt" (1926), collection of stories and depictions "Bear smithy" (1933), "Ghost mill" (1938), "Green yard" (1942), "Living circle "(1970). peculiar collections of riddles "Daugavas vārava" (1940), etc. with K. Kārkliņš) and G. de Mopasāns (1937).

Kraujiņš's dramatic works have been staged on the radio and on the stages of amateur theaters. Lyrical and satirical poetry, as well as prose, has been published in periodicals and in many humorous publications.

Translated works: D. Furmanov's "Chapayev", F. Gladkov's "Cement", K. Paustovsky's "Crimean stories", etc.

An important contribution is the stories and depictions of young people, which are associated with a good observation of life, peculiar portraits and imagery of language.

Aliases - Kaļvu Oļģerts, Rožmīlis, Roberts Ķilders.

Died on January 28, 1975 in Riga, buried in Miķelis cemetery.

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