Zanders Ojārs (1931-2018), librarian, literary critic

Literary historian Zanders Ojārs was born on March 11, 1931 in the family of a photographer in Lejieji, Jaungulbene Parish.

Graduated from Gulbene Secondary School, Riga Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Foreign Languages. He worked as a German language teacher at Ape Secondary School, as a German language teacher at the Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute, and as an associate at the Rainis Museum of Literature and Art History. Since 1968 is the head of the Manuscripts and Rare Books Department of the Fundamental Library of the Academy of Sciences.

The first publication - an article about K.Veidenbaum "About the poet's brother" in the newspaper "Literatūra um Māksla" (1965). He has published many articles on cultural heritage and book issues, and has also written poems. He has written the books "Typographer Mollin and His Time", "Ancient Books in Riga". He has compiled several books and written prefaces to them. The highest prize "Book of the Year 2000" was won for his great work "Book and Culture of Ancient Riga in the Context of the Hanseatic Cities". In connection with the 70th anniversary of O. Zander, colleagues in the Academic Library published a bibliography of his articles "Doctor of the Year of the Latvian Academy of Sciences Ojārs Zanders."
Died March 31, 2018.

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