Skraucis Viesturs (1942-2012), literary critic

Literary scholar Skraucis Viesturs was born on April 17, 1942 in Gulbene to the family of a former deputy officer and accountant of the Latvian Army.

Graduated from Gulbene Secondary School No. 1, Department of Latvian Language and Literature, Faculty of History and Philology, Latvian State University.

Worked at the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences as a research associate.

The first publication - a review "Understanding and Evaluating Life" about R. Ezera's story "Reflection of the Sun" (1969). He has studied the problems of literary theory. The most extensive work is the monograph "Conditionality. The Reality of Life. Literature". Articles on literature are summarized in the collection "For and Against". Co-author of the books "On the Art of Prose", "Criticism - Theory, History, Practice", "United Diversity", "How to Write?". Published reviews in periodicals.

V.Skraucis has lived in Gulbene for several years. He writes poetry and has published in a local newspaper under the pseudonym Monts Claire.

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