Burke Artūrs (1886 - 1942), scientist, researcher of the North Seas

Artur Burki, the grandson of Burke, a former soldier of the French army of Napoleon's army, has taken his life from Jaungulbene to the glaciers of the North Sea.

Arturs Burke was born on April 1, 1886 in Jaungulbene. Little Arthur, whose father was a servant in the manor, became interested in ships and has devoted his entire life to the sea since he was 16 years old. He boarded the privately owned sailboat "Berta" for the first time and became a boy. Then, after graduating from Mangaļi Naval School, at the age of 20 he became a long-distance captain.

He has studied the North Sea in detail, found new islands (in the group of islands of Franz Joseph - the island of Arthur is in the northwest), and has written several books on research and scientific articles. Based on his research, an atlas of these seas has been developed, a guide for captains on sailing between glaciers, maps of the Gulf of White and Barents. He has been awarded the degree of Candidate of Sciences for these important scientific works and researches, even without defending his dissertation. In 1939, after a difficult winter in the Arctic, he became seriously ill, but for two years he ran the icebreakers in the North Sea glaciers and was still doing scientific work. His last icebreaker was the legendary Sadko.

Arthur Burke died in the spring of 1942.

The navy assumes that the ship will not perish; new ones are named, named after the previous ones. The ships are also named after great people, and this is the merit of our county, a prominent marine researcher who has made a great contribution to the sea. On the bank of the Daugava, by the sea, a snow-white diesel ship named "Captain Arturs Burke" could be seen in the eighties.

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