Neilands Jānis (1923), scientist at the Latvia University of Agriculture

Jānis Neilands, Doctor of Biological Sciences, was born on January 23, 1923 in the family of a farmer in the present village of Dauksti, Liekne. After graduating from Dauksti's six-year primary school, he began studying at Priekuli Agricultural High School in 1937, graduating with a diploma in junior agronomy. From 1946 Until 1951, Jānis Neilands studied at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Latvian Academy of Agriculture. After that, the specialist worked on the farm, then became the chief veterinarian of the Riga district. From 1961 he was the youngest research associate of the Latvian Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, and since 1965 he has been the head of the non-communicable diseases department of the institute. In addition to direct work since 1969. Until 1976 he was a lecturer in biochemistry at the Latvian Academy of Agriculture.

In 1966, Jānis Neilands successfully defended his dissertation and obtained the degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences. He is the author and compiler of several scientific books, having published more than 150 scientific and scientific-practical articles on various problems in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. The works of our local are published in both Soviet and foreign scientific journals.
Jānis Neilands (second scientist), Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the Science Center of the Latvia University of Agriculture, received the Pauls Lejins Award from the Latvian Academy of Agricultural and Forest Sciences for the research package "Development of Measures to Increase Productivity and Improve Health of Farm Animals".

Professor Jānis Neilands, Doctor of Biology, regularly gives lectures on the prevention and treatment of animal diseases and provides consultations to livestock specialists, consultants and farmers.

Asked about Jānis Neilands 'knowledge and practical experience - he answered that the basis is the parents' farm and further on Priekuli Agricultural Secondary School. There, highly qualified teachers provided basic knowledge of all farm work. The school required a lot of study and work, as it taught general subjects - the entire secondary school curriculum - and a wide range of other special subjects. We supplemented and strengthened our knowledge in practice during the years of independence - also in Sweden.
As a result of skillful and purposeful work of teachers, students received knowledge and good training in practical and social work. This is evidenced by the wide field of activity of school graduates, from practical farmers to managers of large farms and industries.

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