Misiņš Jānis (1862 - 1945), bibliographer

Latvian bibliophile and bibliographer Misiņš Jānis was born on April 25, 1862 in Tirza Parish.

Founder of the Latvian scientific bibliography.

1885 In Krāze, Tirza Parish, Misiņš established a private library accessible to the public, and later also a bookbinding. From 1892 the library and gateway operated in Lejasciems. Brass also opened a bookstore.

From 1906 lived in Riga, was a book publisher. 1911 - 1914 Librarian of the Knowledge Commission of the Riga Latvian Society. 1919 The Soviet government appointed Latvia as the custodian of the Latvian archives. 1919 - 1920 Head of the Central Library of Latvia (now the State Library), 1920 - 1938 Head and Deputy Director of the Latvian Book Department of the Riga City Library (now the Fundamental Library of the Academy of Sciences). 1925 Brass donated his library to the Riga City Board (Brass Library). He has published research on Latvian book publishing, bibliography, literature and culture. The most significant work - "Index of Latvian Writing" (1-2, 1924 - 1937).

Died on January 17, 1945, in Riga.

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