Kučers Jānis (1901 - 1989), local researcher

Local researcher Kučers Jānis was born on April 26, 1901 in "Viģupi" of Leja Parish, Valka District. In 1907, Kučers Jānis moved with his family to "Zemīte", where he spent his entire life.

Already as a child, after receiving the first initiative from his teacher Z. Lancmanis, Kuchers started collecting materials about the nature of the region, rocks, historical data, memories, legends and stories.

Kucher has collected materials about the events of the 1905 revolution in Lejasciems parish. He has been cooperating with the LSSR History Museum since 1935 - he has donated more than 600 exhibits to the museum.

The work of Kučers J. local researcher is very closely connected with all his activities, with all his hobbies:

  • Geology. The whole room in "Zemīte" has turned into a geological museum. He walked along the banks of the Gauja and other rivers, studied their outcrops, and collected rocks. Some of the stones have gone to the Latvian Museum of Nature. His observations have helped geologists make several discoveries.
  • Archeology. Kučertēvs became an archaeologist by performing various excavations, researching rocks, ancient castle mounds and cemeteries. In the post-war years, he discovered the first castle mound in the district on the banks of the Gauja. Latvia has submitted more than 100 reports to the Museum of History on archeological sites, castle mounds, ancient cemeteries, photographs of antiquities, and plans for the surrounding area.
  • Ethnography. He also had regular contacts with the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum. The museum has acquired more than 100 exhibits. His folders contain interesting buildings, photos of their details, descriptions, tools, devices, costumes, household items.
  • Literature. Everyone who comes to "Zemīte" is surprised by the large range of books. He also enjoyed writing stories about history.
  • Latvian Language. Collected place names, folk songs, anecdotes, proverbs and sayings. The whole folder is created with the old names of Mālmuiža. He also has extensive knowledge of dialectology.
  • Carpentry. He learned to make furniture through self-study. He also made gorgeous and ornamented spoons.
  • The joy of traveling. He has traveled near and far. During the trips, nature and surroundings are explored. The "Unusual Trees" and "Large Stones" folders have been created.

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