Egle Rūdolfs (1889 - 1947), literary critic, translator

Literary scholar. translator, candidate of philological sciences Egle Rūdolfs was born on April 29, 1889 in Mazvasaraudži, Druviena parish, in the family of the owner. Brother of Kārlis Egle.

Studied at Druviena Parish School, Šļukums Neibeizer's Ministry School, then at Valmiera Progymnasium. 1906 joins A. Ķeniņš trade, later real school in Riga. A.Saulietis worked as a literature teacher, under whose influence Egle turns to literature. After graduating from school, Egle went to study at the Dresden Conservatory (1910), but was forced to return after less than a year due to military service. Egle passed the final examinations of the real school and studied commercial sciences at the Riga Polytechnic Institute (1911-1914), but did not graduate and worked in the newspaper "Latvija". At the beginning of the evacuation of Riga, Egle in 1915. arrived in Petrograd - where together with A.Gulbis organized the newspaper "Jaunās Pēterpils Avīze" (1915 - 1916).

The first publication - a poem "Child" in the newspaper "Dzimtenes Vēstnesis". Egle has published reviews and articles in periodicals since 1914. From 1917 Egle worked in Petrograd in the Slavic branch of the Library of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, 1918. - 1922 was the head of this department. Egle studied literary studies, especially the formal aesthetic method, while listening to lectures at the University of Petrograd. and the Faculty of Literature of the Institute of Art. 1922 returned to Latvia and became involved in the work of the Culture Foundation. 1924 - 1934 was its inspector, from 1924. Secretary of the Library Council, since 1929 the chairman. Together with his brother K.Egli, he edited the criticism and book publishing magazine "Latvju Kirjan" (1922 - 1931), in which he published many reviews of Egle about the newly published books and several articles. 1926 - 1929 and 1931 - 1932 Egle was the chairman of the Latvian Writers 'and Journalists' Trade Union. Egle organized and conducted his own literary study (1935-1940). Edited K.Veidenbaum's Articles, published articles written by E.Veidenbaum, J. Poruka and K.Skalbe with extensive monographic reflections (books have also been published) and comments. Together with A.Upīte, he wrote "World Writing History". An anthology "Latvian Lyrics" has been published in Egle. V. Shakespeare's "Works" was published with Egle's reflection and comments. 1940 - 1941 Egle actively participated in the work of the LSSR Writers' Union. Egli was detained for several months for his active public activities during the Hitlerite occupation.

1944 - 1947 Egle headed the Department of Literary Theory and General Literature of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Latvia (from 1944 assistant professor, from 1946 professor). - 1947 was also the Deputy Director of the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Latvian SSR. Egle has compiled and commented on the writings of M. Lermontov, "Read" by H. Heine, etc. Egle has published several articles in periodicals on the history of literature, criticism, and translation, emphasizing the need for literary text and style analysis. Part of Egle's articles are collected in the selection "Articles on Literature" (1989).

Died on December 17, 1947 in Riga, buried in Rainis cemetery.

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