Egle Kārlis (1887 - 1974), literary historian, bibliographer

Bibliographer, literary historian, translator Egle Kārlis was born on June 2, 1887 in Mazvasaraudži, Druviena Parish, in the host family. Brother of Rudolf Egle.

Studied at Vietalva, Odziena and Ziemera Kaktini parish schools, at the school of the Ministry of Slippery Neibeyer, graduating in 1902.

Worked at his father's home. 1906 moved to Riga. Prepared and acquired the rights of a teacher through self-study. 1908 - 1914 worked as a teacher in Alūksne, Lugaži, Ziemeri and Druviena. He has published poems, articles on literature and upbringing in periodicals.

The first publication - "Telegramma" in the magazine "Vārdotājs" (1906) - satiated about German nobles for 1905. revolution. 1914 - 1917 Spruce was mobilized in the Russian army in 1919. - 1922 In the Latvian army. Egle organized and managed the O.Jēpe library in Cēsis and Rīga. Together with his brother R. Egli, he founded and managed the magazine "Latvju Kirjan" (1922-1931), which is an important collection of the history and criticism of Latvian literature. Egle was the head of the Riga City Brass Library (since 1954, the Department of the Fundamental Library of the Academy of Sciences) (1925 - 1952), then until 1966. chief bibliographer. 1945 - 1946 Egle was a member of LVU Literature, 1946. - 1947 Head of the Bibliography and Documentation Department of the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences. 1946 Egle organized the Department of Library Sciences of the Latvian State University, led it and gave lectures there until 1952. Member of the Writers' Union (1957).

Egle has published both bibliographic and literary-historical articles in the periodicals about T.Zeifert, J.Misiņš, R.Blaumani, brothers Kaudzīte, L.Tolstoju, etc. He has compiled or commented on an article and a copied article E. Veidenbaum, L. Laicen et al. that he has also prepared bibliographies about Rainis, A.Upīte, V.Lācis. Collected and prepared for publication the autobiographical collection of Latvian writers "Recognitions" (1 - 3, 1923 - 1924). Egle and A. Birkert have arranged memories of R. Blaumanis (1962). Egle supplemented T. Zeifert's "History of Latvian Writing". He was the editor of the publication "History of Latvian Literature". Participated in compiling J.Missins' "Favorites" (1962). Egle did a great job translating the works of foreign writers (V. Shakespeare, A. Kuprin, R. Kipling, L. Tolstoy, M. Lermontov, A. Pushkin, M. Gorky). Egle's contribution to the translation of the works of the Indian writer R. Tagore and to the preparation of the publication of the articles is especially noteworthy. He has written the books "A Brief History of the Latvian Bibliography" (1957) and "Memories" (1972). A selection of excerpts from Egle's diary and letters "My Memories" (1980) has been published by L.Roze.

Died on June 25, 1974, buried in Vecpiebalga, Vidus cemetery in Riga.

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