Augstkalns Alvils (1907 - 1940), linguist

Born in 1907, in Lizuma parish, in a teacher's family.

Graduated from Cēsis Secondary School, in 1931 - Department of Baltic Philology, Faculty of Philology and Philosophy, University of Latvia. Later he supplemented his knowledge abroad - in Leipzig, Kaunas, Vienna.
He worked at the State Library, was the manager of the Language Repository of the Ministry of Education, and a lecturer of Lithuanian at the University of Latvia (1936-1940).

He has published articles on linguistics in Latvia and abroad. He has done significant research on old Latvian writings in the publication "First Latvian Texts and Books". He has analyzed Latvian literary texts, song panthers, written about dialects, and focused on Lithuanian language issues.

He has written works for schools: "Our Language, Its History and Researchers", "Elements of the Leish Language". Also worked in bibliography.
Died in Riga in 1940.

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