Šķipsna Evalds (1893 - 1965), writer

Born in 1893 in Jaungulbene parish.

Studied at Petrova Real School in St. Petersburg, studied engineering at Riga Polytechnic, Peter I Polytechnic, University of Latvia. Graduated from the Kiev military school.

Worked in student organizations, St. Petersburg Latvian Charity Association as a member of the board, member of the theater commission, secretary of the school department. Delegated to the General Congress of Latvian Teachers in Moscow. He was one of the main organizers of the first Latvian folk high school.

Consigned to the Russian Army during World War II. He has been active in the organization and establishment of the Imanta Regiment and the 1st Latvian Liberation Battalion. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been invited to organize a refugee re-evacuation unit. In 1920 he was sent to Moscow as an expert in the Latvian-Russian peace treaty commission. He has worked in various economic and cultural organizations, in the press and association department of the Ministry of the Interior.

He has written a collection of poems "Walking", plays "Children of Zion", "The Lost Motherland", "March in the Dark", many stories and depictions. He dramatized the story "Staburaga's children".

Awarded the Order of the Three Stars, 4th Class.

Died in 1965.

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