Jundzis Tālavs (1951), lawyer, politician

Doctor of Laws, habilitated doctor of political science Tālavs Jundzis was born in 1951 in Gulbene. Father Jundzis Edgars was a pastor in Gulbene from 1944, deported in 1951.

T.Jundzis graduated from Jaunpiebalga Secondary School, graduated from the Faculty of Law of the State University of Latvia. In 1986 he obtained the degree of Candidate of Laws, in 1993 - the degree of Doctor of Laws. He studied further at the Military Department of the Royal College of Law, London, and the NATO Defense College in Rome.

Since 1993 he has specialized in international relations and security issues and in 1999 he defended his habilitated doctoral degree in political science. In 1998 he was elected a corresponding member of the LAS.

He worked as a teacher at Zaube's eight-year school, then at the Rēvļi eight-year school.

He was one of the founders of the Latvian Bar Association in 1988 and its vice-president.

From November 19, 1991 to August 2, 1993, he was the first Minister of Defense of the restored Latvia. After the expiration of the term of office of the Minister of Defense, he became the Director of the LAS Baltic Strategic Research Center, but for the second time he held the position of the Minister of Defense from June 1997 to October 1998, then returned to the LAS Baltic Strategic Research Center. He was a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, then an associate professor of international law at the School of Social Technologies.

Currently Director of the College of Law.

He is the author of many scientific articles and books.

Awarded the Order of the Three Stars of Class III (2000) and the Order of Viesturs of Class I (2005).

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