Švinka Vilis (1902-1993), musician

Born on September 14, 1902 in Elste, Jaungulbene Parish.

Studied at the Lubana Ministry School and Secondary School, teacher training courses at the Ministry of Education, played the violin at the Latvian State Conservatory, and studied at the Paris Conservatory (1928).

Teacher at the Cēsis and Valmiera Music Schools (1928–1930), violin teacher at the Rēzekne Teachers' Institute (1930–1940), singing teacher in Rīga (since 1941).

Director of the Rezekne People's Conservatory (since 1936). First director of Pāvuls Jurjānis Rēzekne Music School (since 1946). Later a teacher at the Riga 1st Music School. Together with his daughter, Ruta Švinka, he wrote a memoir "Sking Strings".

In 1919 he volunteered in the Student Battalion for liberation against Bermont.

Died in 1993.

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