Spenners Alvils (1898 - 1949), opera singer

Born on February 21, 1898, in Dzintari, Dauksti parish, Gulbene region.
He studied at the secondary school and the land surveying school, studied engineering at the University of Latvia.

He began to study singing privately in Russia with Professor Genzhani, later in Latvia with Professor Zanetti, and in Italy with Professors Bonchi and Ventura.

As a soloist he first sang in 1918 in Vladivostok.
Participant in the Latvian liberation struggle (1918-1920).

From 1921 to 1925 he worked as a surveyor in the Ministry of Agriculture.

From 1925 soloist at the Liepaja Opera. Studying in Italy. From 1928 to 1929, the opera singer (tenor) worked at the National Opera.
Died in 1949, buried in Meža cemetery, Riga.

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