Saks Imants (1918 - 1991), musician

Composer, organist, conductor, critic Saks Imants was born on January 16, 1918 in Aduliena parish.

He graduated from the Riga Teachers' Institute, the Latvian State Conservatory, where he studied organ playing and composition theory.

When he moved to Canada, he worked as a gold digger. He has led the Latvian Gold Mining Choir, the South Vietnamese Boating Choir. He has worked as an organist in the Anglican Church, and has written commercials for TV commercials.
He has founded and conducted several Canadian and Latvian choirs. He has also worked as an accompanying pianist and has written about music issues in Latvian periodicals.

He was a member of the editorial board of the publication "Latvian Music", the musical editor of the Canadian edition "Jaunā Gaita", an active critic.

Died on February 15, 1991 in Hamilton, Canada.

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