Pētersons Ingus (1959), opera soloist

Opera soloist Petersons Ingus was born in 1959 in Gulbene into a family of sports coach and doctor.

She studied piano at the Cēsis Music School. With the support of R. Paul, he has become a stage soloist and has gained some popularity in this field.

He studied at the Academy of Music, then continued to develop them with world celebrities. Started working at the Opera House.

The first international debut took place in Ireland in 1986, participating in the Wexford Opera Festival and singing the role of Arthur in the Bellini Opera. She has since sung at the Grand Opera Society in Dublin, the National Opera in England and the Opera Norta in England.

In 1990, he participated in the Belvedere International Vocal Competition in Vienna and became the winner of the competition. The 1991 Peter Pier Competition in London was also a success.

1991 - 1994 He sang at the Kiel and Aachen Opera Theaters in Germany, as well as at the People 's Opera and the Stockholm Royal Opera in Sweden.

I.Peterson has sung in the opera houses of Oslo, Graz and Wuppertal. He has given concerts in America, Canada, Australia and, of course, Latvia.

Now the soloist has a contract with the Graz Opera in Austria, where he lives and works.

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