Māršaus Ernests (1907-1979), musician

Ernest Marša was born on December 6, 1907 in Jaungulbene Parish, but he runs his childhood and first school in Rugāji Parish.

In 1930 he graduated from the Rezekne Teachers' Institute. He was a teacher and school administrator in Abrene, as well as an employee of small regiments and guard organizations. Conducted choirs in Abrene and Tilsit. enlisted in the German army in 1945, graduated from officer school. During the camps in Libeka, he continued his musical education at the music school there, singing in concerts in the camps.

Has lived in Australia since 1950. Graduated from the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Music, conducted the Kokle Men's Choir. He was a music teacher at Melbourne High School, participated in opera and opera performances at the Australian National Opera, and performed in Australia and the United States. Composed choir songs and instrumental works.

Died August 6, 1979 in Melbourne, Australia.

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