Anmary (1980), singer, vocal teacher

Singer Anmary (Linda Dinsberga) was born on March 3, 1980 in Gulbene.
Studied at Gulbene Secondary School (primary school classes), Gulbene Music School, Jānis Ivanovs Rezekne College of Music, studied at the Faculty of Modern Languages of the University of Latvia for a year, studied opera singing at the Latvian Academy of Music for two years.

She has completed the annual course Fitness and Gym Trainer at the Latvian Academy of Sports Pedagogy.

Participated in the TV show Talent Factory, in the musical "West Side Story".

With the song "Beautiful Song" she represented Latvia at the international Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2012.

Vocal teacher in several pop music studios.

She has sung in groups: "Sunny Sense", "Mash Mash", "Reality", "Policistas".

Participates in various concert performances: in a duet with Uģis Rozis in the musical association "Promenāde" performs songs by Jānis Lūsēns, in the open-air concert show "It's Not Life, It's Cinema!", In the concert program "My Folk Songs"

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