Kokars Gido (1921-2017), conductor

Conductor Kokars Gido was born on August 17, 1921 in Gulbene. I. Kokar's brother.
Graduated from LVK (1956). Artistic director and chief conductor of the folk choirs "Daile" (since 1951) and "Daina" (since 1965). Conductor of the choir "Ave sol" (since 1969).

Teacher at the Academy of Music (1961), Professor (1983).
He has also been a multiple conductor of the General Latvian Song and Dance Festival, Bauska District Choir, Teachers' Choir, Riga Latgale Suburb Choir, Jurmala City Choir and the Latvian School Youth Song Festival.

Chief conductor of many Latvian song and dance festivals, also chief conductor of school song and dance festivals.
G. Kokars has been awarded the highest state award - the Order of the Three Stars.
Died March 10, 2017.

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