Cepītis Imants (1933 - 1993), conductor

Conductor Imants Cepītis was born on January 9, 1933 in Gulbene.

He has already decided which way to go in Gulbene Secondary School, therefore he continued his studies at Cēsis Music Secondary School.

In 1959 he graduated from the class of conductors of the Latvian State Conservatory J.Ozoliņš.

Since 1959, together with A. Derkēvics, he has been the conductor of the women's choir "Dzintars". Since 1969, both artists have also conducted the State Academic Choir "Latvija" and made it our largest professional mixed choir. In recent years, when I.Cepītis was responsible for the choir alone, thanks to his ability to establish creative contacts and, of course, the artistic level of the ensemble, the choir "Latvija" went out into the world with success. Performing at representative international music festivals became a school of excellence.

Imants Cepītis is the chief conductor of several Republican Song Festivals.

Died on July 16, 1993.

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