Kokars Imants (1921-2011), conductor

Conductor Kokars Imants was born on August 16, 1921 in Gulbene. G. Kokar's brother.

Graduated from LVK (1956).

Former choirmaster of the LSSR Radio and TV Choir (1951 - 1953, 1957 - 1963).

Artistic director and principal conductor of the men's choir "Dziedonis" and "Ave sol" (since 1969).

Teacher of the Academy of Music (1963), Rector (1977), Professor (1977).

Chief conductor of several song and dance festivals.

I.Kokars is also associated with the professionalization of amateur choirs, he is an active promoter of the choir movement, the initiator of the formation of teachers' choirs. The Jelgava Teachers' Choir "Zemgale" is also associated with his name.

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