Ezerietis Ēvalds (1913-2013), doctor

Surgeon, doctor of medical sciences was born on December 26, 1913 in Kalncempju parish, in the family of a manor servant.

After graduating from Cesvaine State Gymnasium, he studied at the LVU Faculty of Medicine (1833 - 1940).

Worked in Jēkabpils Hospital, Riga City Hospital No. 2 Surgical Department.

Lecturer at LVU (1945-1950) and RMI (since 1950), Head of the Department of Surgery at the Faculty (1958-1974), Professor (1964).

March 30, 1958 Ē. Ezerietis performed the first heart operation in our republic.

He has published more than 100 scientific articles on oncology, thyroid, cardiovascular surgery, esophageal plastic surgery, and has written several books on surgery. Developed an original method of thyroid surgery.

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