• Čops Ādolfs (1905 - 1991), pastor
  • Egle Julius (1887-1938), pastor
  • Jundzis Edgars (1907-1986), pastor
  • Kēlbrands Kārlis Ludvigs (1805), pastor in Jaunpiebalgs
  • Kronis Kārlis (1986), pastor in Tirza
  • Kūbe Joh. K. (1740 - 1799), pastor in Tirzah
  • Lūsis Arnolds (1908), pastor in Canada
  • Maldonis Voldemārs (1870 - 1941), pastor
  • Šacs P. E. (1807 - 1862), pastor
  • Šillings Kārlis Fridrihs Reinholds (1799 - 1836), pastor
  • Treicis Arvīds (1902), pastor
  • Fross Emīls (1904 - 1943), poet, pastor, translator

Fross Emīls (1904 - 1943), poet, pastor, translator

Born in 1904 in Elkos, Nīgrande parish, in the family of a craftsman.
Real.v. Fricis Emil Rosenbach.

Studied at Velēna parish school (1917-20), Jelgava pedagogical school (1921-23), Liepāja 1st gymnasium (1924-26). Studied at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Law (1926-28). Collaborator of the magazine "Darba Jaunatnes Ceļš" (1927-28), cashier and salesman in the bookstore "Daile un darbs" (1928-29).
Worked at the USSR Trade Representation in Berlin. In Moscow he worked in the editorial board of the magazine "Celtne" (1932-34), from 1934 he was the head of the literary department of the Latvian theater "Skatuve".

The first publications - a translation of I. Ehrenburg 's poem "Our children' s children will be amazed ..." and the original poem "On the Way" in the newspaper "Social Democrat" (1924). Cooled by A. Akhmatova, B. Brecht, N. Tikhonova, E. Weinerert's works, he has written poems, reviews about the works of the authors of Rainis, K. Zariņš, J. Plauža, A. Grigulis and others, literary theoretical articles (in the magazine "Latvju Kirjan", "Kreisā Fronte", "Tribīne", etc.).

List of the first books on L. Laicen's work - "Linards Laicens" (1928). In 1930 he emigrated to the USSR. Translated into Latvian by F. Wolf's "The Farmer Becs", K. Goldoni's play "A Funny Case".

Arrested in 1936. Rehabilitated after death.
Died in 1943 in the USSR.

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