Drīzule Rita (1921-2017), folklorist

Folklorist Drīzule Rita was born on August 15, 1921 in Lielpurvi, Galgauskas parish, in a peasant family.

Graduated from Madona Secondary School (1946), LVU Faculty of History and Philology (1954).
Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnography and Folklore, Academy of Sciences (1954-1955), since 1956. works at the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the Academy of Sciences.

She has studied mainly the problems of ethics, aesthetics and mythology of Latvian folk songs. Compiled a selection of folk songs with an introduction. vocabulary: "I live a lifetime to sing" (1970), "When the sun rises" (1982), "Liepu laipa" (1989, introduction by S. Lasmane). Participated in the preparation of the selection "Latvian Folk Songs" (3, 1957) and the scientific publication "Latvian Folk Songs" (1-5, 1979-1984).

She has published articles on aspects of creating a Latvian folk song, songs of annual customs, mythology, connections between Latvian and Lithuanian folk songs and other issues.

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