Uriekste castle mound

Uriekste castle mound is located in Lizuma parish, in a remote, wooded area on the steep right bank of the Uriekste river, about 800 m NW of Lāčkaktu houses.

The castle mound is built on a half-kilometer-long, flat hill that stretches from southwest to northeast. Along the western and northern side of this hill, which is about 13 m high, flows along a meadow, huddled at the foot of the hill, the Uriekste River.

The slopes are naturally steep, without additional fortifications. In the direction of A the plateau becomes lower than ~ 1m, the river moves further to A, therefore the eastern slope of the castle mound is flatter and lower. The side of this castle mound is additionally fortified with a ditch, a fuzzy rampart up to 6 m wide, behind which there was again a ditch, which is now barely perceptible and is about 50 cm deep. Such a protection system encloses the rest of the plateau, because on the south side the slope is quite flat, but in the south the plateau of the castle mound is level with the rest of the plateau. The ditches and embankments on the south side are very blurred and drooping. In the west, the fortifications end on the steep bank of Uriekste.

The plateau of the castle mound is leveled, in some places small, sunken pits. The layer of culture is not found, gray sand is exposed under the moss. The whole castle mound and its surroundings are overgrown with spruce and pine trees, new Christmas trees are also starting to grow in the undergrowth, so the monument is quite difficult to see. No new damage.

People say that the castle once stood on the hill.

However, the low, wooded location and poor earthworks make this castle mound a war hideout.

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