Liedeskalni is a series of small hills 8-9 located in a flat area on the bank of the river Liede in Jaungulbene Parish. These mountains are a strange wonder of nature: they stand in a straight line like loaves of bread with small gaps.

The castle mound is the second hill, counting from the bridge over the river Liede in the north-eastern direction, Māra hill - a place of worship is located on the third hill. Both hills are about 10 -12 m high, the steep slopes are flat at the foot.

Castle mound without visible fortifications, leveled plain. Flat slightly humpy, oblong. An intensive cultural layer, about half a meter deep, has been found in the castle mound, especially at the northern end of the plateau and on the slopes. There are no earth fortifications in Māra Hill either, the cultural layer is a bit shallower than in the castle mound. The disc-free, smooth and nail-free ceramic fragments found on the castle mound and the disc-free, nail-shaped pottery fragments found on Mara Hill allow us to attribute this complex of ancient sites to the 1st millennium AD. There is a settlement in the area of 50 x 100 m between Māra hill and Liedes river.
There are no ditches or embankments in these mountains. Judging by the shape and size, we have to think that there are quite old people's homes here.

Excavation pits can be seen on Mara Hill. According to some reports, the owner of Aduliena manor is here, according to others - three pastors, looking for money. Other pits have been dug by a fortune teller from a nearby house, also looking for money.


The mountains of Liedes are said to have been worn for hats in Swedish times. In one of the mountains there is a cellar, the keys of which are guarded by a dog. The money hidden in the castle mound should not be dug, because then the digger would remain blind.

A golden calf used to run around Mount Mara in the past, when people still believed in the old, then they often saw it. Now it is lying under the mountain and no longer running, because people no longer believe it.

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