Kaudži castle mound

Kaudži castle mound is located in Ranka parish, 1 km northwest of the castle mound houses, the borders of which directly touch this castle mound. The castle mound is located on the high bank of the Gauja on the right side near the Gauja itself. A separate hill has separated from the high shore here, which is weakly connected to the rest of the embankment, and a castle mound has been established in it. The mountain is elongated and stretched in a north-south direction. From the foot of the hill the plateau is about 20 m high, flat, poured towards the middle. A depression of about 2 m at its highest point was thrown at the southern end of the plateau. In the north, at the end of the narrowest plateau, there is also a 1 m high depression. The sides of the mountain are surrounded by a trench with a depression on the outside. From the bottom of the ditch to the top of the embankment about 1 m.

From the south to the plateau leads an entrance, which was more difficult to install elsewhere. The ground is sandy and covered with a strong layer of dwellings, which in some places reach a depth of 1 m. The housing layer is rich in coal, fragments, stones, bones. It is said that the old prince of Ranka had dug a mountain and found a golden horseshoe (brooch?). Some pits in the castle mound plateau also indicate similar excavations. The excavations are the same as in other castle mounds. Otherwise, the mountain is relatively healthy and undamaged. It is overgrown with an old thick forest with a lot of ferns and large willows. From the northern outcrop there are nice views of the Gauja and its valley.

Human bones have been found near the Kelmeņi house. It is said that there used to be a manor there and it has something to do with the described castle mound.

The castle used to stand on the castle mound in Kaudži. In the cellars of the castle, which are inside the hill, gold money is stored.

According to its external type, this castle mound belongs to the former administrative centers.

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