Hazel Hill - castle mound

Lazdu kalns - castle mound is located on the right side of the Gulbene - Smiltene highway, near the "Lazdukalni" house. The castle mound is located on a separate, 15 m high hill. Hazel Hill is a solitary round hill with foothills in the north. The plane is equally over 60 m, but vice versa 75 m and it is bounded by 5 m high side edges, which are achieved by burying the ditch and the embankment. In the steepest places of nature, these excavations pass into the terrace. Behind the terrace or embankment, further down, begins an undeveloped foothill, which goes 5 m below into ruins or meadows.

There are two entrances to the castle mound, which are located opposite each other - in the south-west and in the north-west. In these places the sides of the mountain are flatter than elsewhere. At the south-eastern entrance is a large stone buried around by treasure hunters. The dimensions of the castle mound are 60 x 75 m. In the middle of the plateau there is an embankment about 3 m high, which remains without leveling the natural surface of the mountain. The cultural layer in the castle mound is weak, unspoken, without any finds. 300 m south of the castle mound there is an ancient cemetery, the so-called Grantskalniņš.

The castle mound is well preserved, apart from a few mantra pits.

The mountain is overgrown with a large forest, but lime trees are planted along the edges of the plateau. The former manor of Blome has kept the mountain as a manor park and has also built paths in the mountain that are now overgrown.
The castle stood on the hill in ancient times. When the castle was attacked by enemies, the residents fled their money and belongings in the "Money Swamp", which is at the northern foot of the mountain. Many searched for it with skewers, but no one has yet found it.

Lazdu kalns is a large and strong castle mound, the castle of which has probably experienced the times of Vidzeme division.

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