Castle mound near Silaješkai

This castle mound, located in the state forest of Ranka parish, is called "Devil's Hill" in the far vicinity. It stands on the right side of the Kubule stream, 0.5 km southeast of Silaješkas house. At this place, Kubule, breaking through 30 m high sand mountains, flows through a wide valley with wet meadows.
The sandy plateau is overgrown with forest and occupies several square kilometers. In one of the sand dunes, which protrudes towards the river, a detention has been established with the help of excavations. It occupies the flat surface of a hill, which is a few meters lower to the west and with a small valley in the middle. On the north side of the hill there is a steep slope towards the river, but in the south the hill, falling quite slowly, connects with the rest of the highlands. This flat side had to be fortified with three ditches. The deepest is the closest ditch or the first ditch, which is about 2 m deep. Behind it, the second ditch is only 0.5 m deep, while the third ditch, which is about 10 m away from the second, can barely be seen in the loose sand and moss. Small depressions on the side of the plateau for the first and second ditches. Two entrances lead over these lands, one in the south-east and the other in the south-west.

The mountain has a small layer of dwellings, which in only a few places painted gray red sand. Crumbs, stones, both whole and crushed, were made from the discs, and here and there along a coal field. It is believed that the land of the castle mound is sparsely populated. The mountain shapes are well maintained and it is clear that all three fences or other devices have also run along the steep hills to the north.
Various pits in the plane; some of them square. There is also a ditch with which before 20. The owner of Ranka manor has broken the plateau of the castle mound.

The mountain is overgrown with forest, mint and moss. The area is one of the forests, especially to the west. By its nature, this is one of the largest temporary detentions that served as a hiding place during wartime.

No more stories have been stored about the place in the mouths of the breakers.

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