Bowl Hill - castle mound

Bļodas Hill is located about 2 km southwest of Veiši in the so-called Vietassila in Galgauskas Parish. The first information about Bļodas Hill as a castle mound was obtained only in 1986. Bļoda Hill is a 5 - 6 m high mountain, which was covered on all sides by swampy basins (part of the swamps are now drained). Bowl Hill was overgrown with pine trees, but they were cut down in 1985.

The plateau, which is about 40 m in diameter, is surrounded by a flat plateau about a meter high, the highest on the west side. This circular rampart also gave the mountain its name - Bļodas kalns.

The castle mound is formed by light yellow sand, where some coal can be found in places. The entrance to the castle mound could have been from the north, where the tongue leads across the footpath.

In the R embankment of the bowl hill there was a stone vault with an average diameter of 0.7 m built of stones in clay mortar, which has now been destroyed.

According to legend, the church sank on the hill.

The lack of a cultural layer prevents us from making any judgments about the date of the monument, however, in general, the type of fortification of Bļoda Hill is not typical for Latvian castle mounds. In its appearance, it resembles the so-called marsh castle mounds found in the Eastern Baltic territories.

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