Belava (Kartene) castle mound

Beļava castle mound is the highest point at the northern end of the Gulbene rampart, it is located about 20 m northwest of the "llgupju" houses. The castle mound is located on a separate, 25 m high hill. It is located on the top of a mountain of more than 4 ha, 35 m high and is well visible from afar.

The edges of the mountain are steep, with branches; also an approximately hexagonal shape for the castle mound plateau. The plateau is a few meters sloping on all sides until it passes unnoticed. The slopes on the north-western and south-eastern branches of the hill are less steep, and there may be entrances to the castle mound on these sides. On the northwest side, there are two ramparts and ditches a few meters high. It is possible that a terrace has been created in the south-east and south of the castle mound. The dimensions of the castle mound plateau are 100 x 65 m. The castle mound is open. It is used as a place for parties and entertainment.
At the northern foot of the castle mound, the "eye" is the water reservoir of the ancient inhabitants of the castle, but in the middle of the south-eastern slope there is a large, round old pit, the significance of which can no longer be determined.

The mountain consists of sand and gravel.

A very intense cultural layer almost a meter thick has been found in the plateau and slopes to the middle. It is carbon black and contains, in addition to coal, crushed stone, animal bones and fragments of earthenware. The black and deep layer of dwellings indicates that the Belava castle mound has been inhabited for a long time. Its size and structure suggest that one of the most significant castles in Tālava was located here.

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