Ausiena castle mound

Ausene castle mound is located in Galgauskas parish, 450 m south of "Dzeņu" houses and 500 m southeast of "Lazdukalni" houses, in the middle of the countryside.

The castle mound is located on a small hill, on average 5-6 m high. The steepest slopes of the mountain on the eastern and south-eastern sides up to 10 m high; the southern slope is moderately steep. On the western slope, lower and flatter, two meters below the plateau, there is a 2 m wide terrace or entrance. The hill is small, oval in shape, 15 x 30 m large. Its surface is smoothed. The layer of culture on the plateau of the castle mound is formed by dark sand a few tens of centimeters thick.

In the past, a resting place was established on the hill, Midsummer was celebrated, then the hill was also called Midsummer Hill.
The northern slope of the hill has been destroyed by a gravel quarry.

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