Red Castle

The Red Castle of Vecgulbene Manor is an architectural monument of local significance.

To the south-east of the White Castle is the second castle of Vecgulbene manor - the so-called Red Castle.

The red castle was built in the 19th century. On the second side of Baron Heinrich von Wolf's wife Marisa. The castle was built of red bricks, hence the name - Red Castle.

The baron's love for his wife was immeasurable. Shrubs have been planted for her, flower arrangements have been made, often in the form of the letter "M". Marisa also had a conservatory where exotic plants were grown. It is believed that the park is separated from the rest of the territory by a fence. Brick gates are made in the corners of the park. On the south side of the castle from the castle there is a large castle gate. There was a middle gate in the corner of the park.
In 1905 the castle was burned down. After that, the castle is partially restored. The layout of the premises has changed: partitions and doorways have been changed.

The second floor of the main entrance decorative tower is demolished, the first floor of the tower is covered with a flat gable roof.

The balcony of the third floor of the observation tower has been demolished, part of the windows have been walled up, the decorative railings of the tower, the flag holder and the capitals of the columns have not been restored.

In the early 1920s, the castle was rebuilt to meet the needs of the school, which is still here today. In the 1970s, an extension was built to the Red Castle - the new school building, which is not compatible with the old building.

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