Lizuma Castle

Architectural monument of local significance

The castle was built around the 19th century. in the middle, it is in the English Gothic style.

The castle is based on a rectangular two-storey building with a half-basement and a gable roof. In the north-west corner, a hexagonal tower with an entrance portal, decorated with square stone pillars with a pyramidal finish, has been added. The first three floors of the tower have bright Gothic windows, the fourth floor has a semicircular shape, and the fifth floor has a rectangular double window. The tower has a decorative finish with eaves. There is also an open balcony above the basement in the northern end façade, and an octagonal closed balcony with Gothic windows in the north-east corner. On the courtyard side there is a main entrance with a balcony and a wide staircase. Adjacent to the south-east corner is a single-storey extension with a separate pitched roof. The western façade is decorated with a three-storey risalite with five windows wide, which is closed by a stepped pediment with ledges. An open balcony has been built at the height of the 2nd floor of the risalite. Rustic stylization is used for the decoration of the basement floor, but plaster profiles for the facade.

For economic purposes, a large, vaulted half-basement was built throughout the basement of the castle.
The original interior is best preserved in the Blue Hall. It was finished by Alexander Knoke. The hall is decorated with wooden panels, at the height of the windowsills they are formed as a frame with a pyramid-shaped filling. Cabinets built into the walls, doors are similar to wall panels in terms of decoration. Above the panel wall plaster fracture includes a border - a wooden frame. The curvature of the ceiling is decorated with consoles that start above the ledge and end with a cone. The ceiling is cassette, decorated with a small cone at the intersections.
The doors of the decorative fillings and the original wall and ceiling decoration have also been partially preserved in the other rooms.

The castle is located in a park, its area is about five hectares. The castle park was decorated with four ponds, where local and exotic tree and shrub species were found.

In 1937, a primary school started operating in the castle, but in 1957, a secondary school was located there.

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