Litene Castle

Architectural monument of local significance.

19th century The von Wolf family became the owner of Litene manor, during the construction of which the main manor buildings were built and the park was arranged.

The central building of the building - the castle was built in the 19th century. rebuilt in the first half and later years. This castle is architecturally simple.

The Pededze River flows along the castle, forming a wide bay with a steep slope on the left bank. The construction of the manor park began in the 19th century. 2nd half. Its area is 11.5 ha.

Emotionally expressive is the circular courtyard in front of the castle with groups of old trees and a regular planning center. Almost all farm buildings in the area have survived without major changes. Most of these buildings are used for modern purposes.

In 1924, the parish school moved to the castle, but from 1944 to 1956 there was a secondary school, and then a primary school, which still operates today.

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