Belava manor house

Architectural monument of national significance.

Beļava manor house is one of the oldest in the district - it was built around 1750. Over time, the owners of the manor have changed several times, until in 1820 the manor became the property of the Berg family, during which the castle was rebuilt. It is known that this was done by German masters and that the overall appearance of the building has not changed much as a result of the work. The original 18th century has been preserved. Appearance of a manor house: a rectangular building with a high red tiled attic roof. Both main facades are designed to emphasize the low-rise two-storey central risalite, which ends with a triangular pediment. The next reconstructions of the building date back to the 20th century. twenties. However, as a result of these reconstructions, several interesting elements of the original interior have been preserved in the castle of Beļava manor to this day - colored marble slabs in the lobby, internal wooden stairs, plastic ceiling formations in several rooms, stoves, built-in closets and wall panels.
The building was built on the foundations of a boulder wall, a plinth floor was built for the whole building, covered with cross vaults, which rest on walls and massive poles. Level ceilings for other rooms. Facade decor - curved window borders and plastered corners painted white.

The castle is surrounded by a 6.1-hectare park with two ponds. At one of them is a monument to the baron's favorite horse. Several manor houses have survived in the immediate vicinity.

20th century the castle served various institutions (post office, parish board), until 1930 it was renovated for the needs of the school. At present, it is K. Valdemārs Primary School, which we can only say about the kind attitude towards cultural heritage.

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