Voluntary work

Voluntary work in the Gulbene county library

In October, the volunteer work project of the European Solidarity Corps, which was implemented by Gulbene 1.PII, Lejasciema PII "Kamenīte", Gulbene 2.PII "Rūķitis" and Gulbene county library, ends. In total, five volunteers from Germany, Austria and Italy worked in the project.

 One of the volunteers says: “My name is Sofia, I'm from the northern province of Italy, where we speak mainly German. In February, I came to Gulbene as a volunteer to work in preschool institutions and the library. In the kindergarten, I mainly helped the teachers in preparing various lessons, leading games and dressing up the children. On the other hand, working in the library allowed me to improve my digital skills. I photograph a lot of events, scan photos and edit them, create educational videos in Latvian, German, Italian, and English on various topics. In the summer, I taught English classes for children and participated in outdoor library activities. Doing these jobs, I learned to work with different programs. I really like working with photo digitization, editing, and video production, which is why an exhibition of photos taken while living here was also created in the final work."

Sofia has done extensive work in the digitization of local history materials. About 500 old photos about the life of Alfred Gäter, TLMS "Sagša", Gulbene 2nd secondary school, have been scanned. About 1,000 photo negatives from the nineties about Gulbene library events and views of the region have been digitized. From October 4th to 31st, the Gulbene County Library will host the photography exhibition "Subtle nuances in nature" created by Sofia - a great, colorful exhibition that invites everyone to stop and look around. From November, the exhibition will also be available in parish libraries.

            Sofia says about the time spent here: "Living away from my family in a foreign country was difficult at first, but after a while I learned to be more independent. This project was a great opportunity to work in a safe environment, help the local population and take another step in the lives of adults.”


Sanita Jurkāne
Gulbene county library

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