Reading room outside 2022

Reading room outside? Why not?

For the second year in the summer, the Outdoor Reading Room was opened at the Gulbene County Library at least twice a week (weather permitting). The original idea was to allow readers to familiarize themselves with the possibilities offered by the library without entering the library. You could comfortably sit outside, read a magazine, a book, drink a refreshing drink, as well as use the library's Internet connection on your smart devices.

The reality was a little different from the original idea. The outdoor reading room was visited by children, many children! The young visitors were of different ages - both residents of Gulbene and small guests of the city who spent the summer in Gulbene with their relatives. So this year the Ára reading room turned into a place for creative workshops for children. In total, almost 400 children and 145 adults visited the Ára Reading Room.

What activities took place these days? A lot of creative activities - the little ones worked with plasticine, plasticine, hama or thermo beads, drew with henna, made bookmarks and more, and more... I especially want to mention again the week of the city's holidays, when the Outdoor Reading Room was open for 5 days and every day there was something creative workshop. On these days, the outdoor reading room was also open to adults!

However, the small and not so small visitors of the Åra Reading Room did not only work with their hard-working fingers - there was also a good movement - team competition - under the leadership of librarian Agita and under the leadership of volunteer librarian's assistant pig Pepa.

On the last day of the Outdoor Reading Room, on August 18, the young specialists of the LVM Kalsnava Arboretum visited the Outdoor Reading Room, who introduced both young and old visitors to the arboretum, paying special attention to the tree of 2022 - the fir tree. This was the most visited day! An exhibition dedicated to the annual tree - the fir tree - can be seen at the Gulbene county library.

Thanks to everyone who came and worked in the Outdoor Reading Room, thanks to Emily for henna drawings and singing, thanks to Ilvita for "convincing" Peppa the pig to come and librarian Agita for her inexhaustible store of ideas and patience, as well as thanks to our volunteer Sofia! We look forward to next summer with a new reading room, new ideas and new visitors!


Solvita Lieber

Gulbene Children's Library