Story night

The theme of the Gulbene city holiday "Journey" was introduced on Thursday evening by the story evening "Door to the world, or how the impossible became possible" organized by the Gulbene county library together with Gulbene, passionate traveler Elina Berzin. It was a conversation about traveling, but more about how to dare to dream, as well as the strength and faith to make your dreams come true. The adventures read in the books have become my own experiences. Elina's paths have taken her to Hungary, Italy, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, but the country of her dreams, where she wants to return again and again, is Portugal.

If traveling today no longer means something very special, it does for a person in a wheelchair. Traveling requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. Google maps with the Street view option, the Uber application, and travelers' forums are a special helper for Elina when planning trips. When asked if there is a moment during the trip when she wants to cry, Elina replies that only from special moments, for example on the Atlantic coast, but never from physical pain or difficulties. Elina never knows what difficulties may await her on her next journey, but this is never an obstacle to going into the unknown. She says a big thank you to her mom, all her travel companions for their support.

Elina herself says after the event "...I got naked a little, because I think that's how stories and sharing experiences should be - when you feel a little vulnerable, a little insecure, but above all, honest and yourself".