Poetry days in Gulbene

Poetry is a type of literature based on the author's experience, the expression of his inner world. The experience is revealed in its direct expression through the imagery and expressiveness created by the language. (Source: letonika.lv)

September, as usual, is the month of Poetry Days throughout Latvia. In Gulbene district library, these days are always perceived as a real holiday! This year we celebrated ourselves and invited both students and adults to celebrate with Poets Agnes Krivadi and Anna Belkovska at the "Poetry Lunch"; working in Lotte Vilma Vītiņa's sensory workshop; listening to the works of local poets (Daiga Kalinka, Inese Strautmale, Antonina Logina, Inese Tirzīte, Anita Graumane, Mikus Bulmeisters) at the event “Autograph Poetry”; as well as going on a poetic walk “Journey with Poets in Gulbene”, becoming the cohesive poetry of Tīna Žmuida, Ilmārs Šlāpins, Laura Veip, Sergejs Timofejevs, Inga Pizāne, Andris Akmentiņš and Lotte Vilma Vītiņa. Poetry days in Gulbene ended with a concert by the local "Siltumnīca" with the group "Nielslens Lielsliens".

If you want to experience the inner world of the above-mentioned authors, search for their collections in the Gulbene County Library!

Excitement: “I really want a dog” (I. Šlāpins, poetry picture book in the series “Bikibuks”); “Poet and Smell” (LV Vītiņa, poetry for children); “A Tale of a Knight with Teeth Hurt” (a tale of S. Timofeyev, which was staged at the Latvian Puppet Theater in 2017 and nominated for the "Players' Night" award as the best show for children of the year); “Teachers” (book by A. Akmentiņš, which is included in the “Jury for Children, Youth and Parents 2019”); “Autograph 3” (the third collection of poets of Gulbene region).

Photos from Poetry Days events HERE .

Liene Baranovska,
Gulbene district libraries
public relations specialist