Experiencing Camp "Following Threads 2"

From August 17 to 21, a children's day camp "Following the Threads 2" took place, organized by the Gulbene Regional Library. This was the second year that such a camp had been organized. 14 children from Gulbene, Balvi and Riga regions participated in the camp.

The aim of the camp was: To spend their free time actively and usefully, getting to know the cultural and historical places and values of Gulbene region. During the five days, the participants of the camp visited five different parishes of Gulbene region to get to know their most remarkable places, writers or poets and the most active people of the parishes. On the first day of the camp, each participant received a workbook created by the camp teachers, which contained 10 questions for each parish. The task of the participants was not easy - within 5 days they had to find answers to questions of different difficulty. What is more important - the emphasis in the camp was on walking, so the participants walked around the territories of the parishes as much as possible, but we went to and from each parish by bus. In five days, a total of 41 kilometers were covered, which is a big surprise for both children and teachers.

On the first day we visited Ranka Parish, where we got acquainted with Rutkaviņi springs, Ranka Parish Cultural and Heritage Center, as well as the children had the opportunity to meet the author of the books Linda Kukari-Aldersonis. In the morning of the second day, we went to Tirza Parish to get acquainted with the Āži HPP, the USSR Museum of Time and the Ski Museum, and at the end of the day we visited the Tea Room "Laiks". On Wednesday we went to Litene parish, where we got acquainted with the operation of the farm "Sopuļi" and participated in a felting workshop together with the owner Iveta. After creative activities, we visited the Officers' Summer Camp site and the Bottle Garden. On Thursday morning we all went to Jaungulbene parish, where we got acquainted with the antiques collection of the country house "Jaunstāmeri", the sheep farm "Agricultural School 18" and its creative owner - children's book author Ilva Šimoni, who taught us to decorate tiles with the help of plasticine. At the end of the day we went to Mount Rija to move around and participate in various activities. In the morning of the last day of the camp we went to the popular Stāmeriena parish, where we got acquainted with Stancmuiža, Stāmeriena station and house in a tree, Cheetah stop and Stāmeriena castle. In each parish, the librarian of the parish library accompanied us to acquaint the participants with the history of the parish, the most remarkable places and writers.

At the end of the fifth day there was a solemn award ceremony. In the workbooks, Anna, Annie and Kate had the highest score out of a possible 50 points, scoring 49 points.

Thank you to all the participants for their endurance and endless energy, thank you to the parents for their trust and support. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported the camp.

The camp took place with the financial support of the Gulbene municipality children's camp competition.

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Rūta Bokta
Gulbene County Library