We get to know Gulbene parks

On June 19, in an expedition organized by Gulbene County Library, we went to get to know Gulbene Parks together with Ilze Maras Janelis, an architect and researcher of Latvian manors and parks.

On a hot summer afternoon, 23 participants of the expedition gathered at the Gulbene bus station to go to the nearby Emze park. Ilze Māra Janele's account was heard there about the importance of parks in the times of the manor, when walks through it contributed to deep reflections on the eternity of nature and the smallness of man. From Emze Park we went to Spārīte Park along the paths. Looking at the old land plan of Vecgulbene manor, one could imagine how the walking paths used to be and where there could be benches for rest. Looking at the recently landscaped part of Spārīte Park, we went to the Castle Park, which was the most beautiful with ponds, hills and several groups of sculptures during the reign of Baron Wolf. At the end of the expedition, we rested at the Red Castle, where, sitting at the beautiful metal tables, we could watch the bends of the Cross in the Rudolf Park surrounded by trees.

Thanks to Ilze Māra Janele for an interesting story, to the Gulbene County History and Art Museum for the steps it took to relax and to all the participants for their endurance and desire to learn about their cultural and historical heritage!

This was the first expedition within the project “Cognitive Expeditions 2020” supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund. The next expedition is planned for July 17 in Stāmeriena.

Inga Caunite,
Gulbene County Library