Media literacy in the age of digital algorithms

On February 28, researcher, lecturer and research assistant Guna Spurava visited the Gulbene County Library with an interactive lesson “Media Literacy in the Age of Digital Algorithms”.

The lesson was devoted to the understanding, specifics and role of the concept of media literacy in different age groups. Participants learned about how the media business and media channels work today, selling their content to an audience and selling their audience to advertisers. The reasons why there is a declining potential of the media audience in Latvia were identified. In practice, the gap between editorial content and advertising in print media has been assessed. The lecturer emphasized that nowadays a user of social networks cannot really choose what content is offered to him in the media space, but can promote his critical thinking in the perception of content.

The review of research on children's media literacy and internet use habits (9-16 years old) was very interesting. The public should be aware that children have access to the same virtual content as adults, but that children are much less able to critically evaluate content. The study has identified various characterizing facts for today's youth's understanding of the media environment and its impact.

In everyday work, everyone should think about the importance of reading, listening to and viewing information in different sources and languages, and comparing and evaluating this information. Thank you to the lecturer for the exploratory lesson and sharing the accumulated knowledge! Thank you to the participants for their interest in understanding the topic!

Within the framework of the adult non-formal education program “Media Literacy and Debate Movement”, everyone is invited to participate in the classes organized by the Gulbene Regional Library:

  • April 1 "Culture of Debate" - how to create arguments, their structure, how to refute them; how to improve your public speaking skills; a real mockery of a debate on a topical issue in society;
  • April 8 “Logic error workshop and start of the debate movement in Gulbene region” - analysis of everyday situations, evaluating logic errors in everyday communication; logic error game; Common Problems, Best Practices: How to Start a Debate Club or Debate Movement?

We invite everyone interested to improve themselves and participate in classes!

Lesson photo HERE .

The adult non-formal education program “Media literacy and debate movement” is implemented with the financial support of Gulbene municipality 682.50 EUR.

Liene Baranovska,
Public relations specialist of Gulbene district library