The Third Awakening and Fashion

The evening of June 30 at the Gulbene Regional Library was especially gratifying, as Asnate Smeltere delighted the visitors with exciting stories - one of the first models to show Latvia to the world, while in independent Latvia she created the popular fashion brand "Salon A". an indoor event since the beginning of March, when everyday adjustments were introduced.

The story of Asnāte Smeltere's memories and reflections heralded her long and successful path in the fashion industry, which began in the 1960s with the model's career at the then Riga Model House and the magazine "Rīgas Modes".

Delayed in his memories, Asnate noted the moments when the Latvian curtain was covered by the Iron Curtain to the west. Asnate has often had situations where there is someone on the journey between fellow passengers whose affiliation and need to be part of the group could be seriously questioned; when someone suddenly shows up at a time when Asnate is discussing with foreign guests and makes it clear that the conversation needs to end or that the ongoing discussion needs to be relocated. With the opening of this Iron Curtain, there has been a feeling that it has been difficult for people to rearrange their thinking economically and psychologically, to set reasonable goals and to get used to freedom.

Today, fashion in the world is very converging - people of Eastern culture wear European clothes with their delicate bodies, while Europeans introduce the nuances of the East. Denim is so ingrained in everyone that no one can pull it out of people's everyday lives. When it comes to clothes that never go out of style, Asnate mentions a jacket, a white blouse and a small, black evening gown. Of course, thinking about the quality of clothing. For every woman, Asnate wanted to enjoy femininity, dress up and get married whenever she wanted!

Photos from the event can be viewed HERE .

Liene Baranovska,
Gulbene district libraries
public relations specialist