Librarians of Gulbene region in Kurzeme

The morning of August 2 was painted bright and full of sunshine. The librarians of Gulbene region were determined to give in to the winds of Kurzeme. The first stop is the Garden of Destiny. It was an inspiring and heartfelt encounter with nature, the symbols and history of Latvia, which holds a lot of suffering and pain for Latvians lost in wars and deportations.

The further road led to "Tukums after beauty", reaching the Tukums library . Vija Ratniece, a methodologist, welcomed us there. She presented the activities and spacious premises of both the main library and other libraries in the region, including a conference room with an impressive terrace for various events and seminars. The main challenge for this library, as for all of us, is to keep our readers interested in the book and reading.

After visiting the Tukums library, the destination of the first day of the trip was reached - Kuldiga. What historical, modern and creative solutions were seen in the city plan! The tour of Kuldīga's largest and oldest objects, led by Daina Girvaite, the deputy head of the Kuldīga Main Library, working with parish libraries, was filled with various facts and stories. Especially memorable are the historic houses in the city center, which create a pleasantly ancient atmosphere. Kuldiga's main library is located in the historic synagogue building, which has been renovated and adapted to modern needs. Thus, access, parking, disabled ramps and elevators for convenient access to the upper floors are very convenient.

Enjoying the refreshing power of Venta Rumba, the next morning the librarians went to see the library-information and county research center of Pūre parish . We had already met with the manager Valdis Dzelzkalis during his studies in Gulbene, where she shared her experience in the library's local history work. In Pūre, she spoke enthusiastically about her library's daily and festive moments, the days when everything went smoothly and the challenges she faced in librarianship. This was the heartfelt library of our trip. The Chocolate Museum is a strong hallmark of Pūre. Librarians also succumbed to the temptation of chocolate and immersed themselves in the historical course of cocoa beans and a master class in making chocolate delicacies. What about the flavors, what about the smells!

With filled bellies, the librarians continued their journey to the Babīte municipality library . It has been located in new premises since 2014, which are very bright and functionally furnished, creating separate corners for children and young people. According to the head of the library Ilze Valpētere, these positive changes have increased the number of readers and other work indicators by 50%. In 2018, the structural unit of this library in Babīte village also expected changes, moving to new 2x larger premises. We all unanimously said about these two libraries - the brightest libraries on our trip.

Thank you to the colleagues of all the libraries you have seen for the hospitable reception in their libraries, thank you to the responsive driver and the library staff of Gulbene region for the joy of being together and enjoying the first days of August. May we all work together for a year full of new goals and achievements! The picture gallery can be viewed HERE .

Iveta and Liene
Gulbene County Library