Paul Dushkin 90

"The charm of Dushkin's watercolors is exciting and special. [..] This is the method of open stroke, deep breathing and loud breathing inherent in Dushkin. If we were to accept this as the artist's handwriting, Dushkin's works would not have to be examined even without a signature. Let's take a look, eyelids and immediately say: this is Paul Dushkin. Even if it were among the hundreds. Free, loose. But with a sense of horizon. ”

"It simply came to our notice then. The world is bright. We just make it gray ourselves. Also in art. Black is black. And red is red. No fog in between. But gray is gray. The rain, for example, is not gray, you won't tell me! "That's Paul Dushkin's attitude and, if you will, the philosophy of color."
O. Rikmanis. Maturity certification. (Fight, No. 108 (April 4, 1986))

On July 22, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of graphic artist and watercolourist Paul Dushkin. P.

He has worked in all types and genres of printmaking. One of the Latvian graphic artists who has worked the most in cold needle technique in all classic genres, is also known as the author of expressive watercolors ("Boy's Head", "Nude", "Landscape of Old Riga"). He has drawn attention to the problems of color use in lithography.

Created and cultivated a new painting impressionistic manner of etching in Europe ("Night by the Daugava", "Dawn", "Where the Chimneys Smoke", "Sarma").