The best Loud Reader in Gulbene region has been found out!

For the third year in a row, 5th and 6th grade students are actively involved in the Reading Competition. It can be said that this is a new reading promotion activity for a specific age group initiated by the staff of the Children and Youth Literature Center of the National Library of Latvia. The idea was borrowed from the Netherlands, where such a competition has been taking place for more than 20 years. The aim of the competition in Latvia is to reduce the self-esteem of students' inadequately low reading skills, to raise self-confidence and to equalize the reading levels of boys and girls, as well as to strengthen class teams. The passage chosen in the competition does not have to be memorized, it has to be read enthusiastically by the audience and the jury before telling - why was this book chosen?

Every year more and more students take part in this competition. If in the first, in 2018, students from four schools of the county participated, then this year already eight schools have been actively involved and prepared students for reading. These are both Gulbene schools, as well as Lejasciems and Lizuma secondary schools, as well as Sveķi, Ranka, Tirza and Stāķi primary schools.

This year the competition was different than usual. This time, the loud readers filmed their readings and sent them in for evaluation. Although the format was unusual, 14 video readings were received and sent to the jury. This time four well-known personalities in Gulbene were invited to participate in the jury - Edīte Siļķēna (she is also the chairman of the jury), Antra Sprudzāne (Gulbene County Library Director), Anita Rauza (mother of two new readers and also Gulbene Municipality Economics Department) and Artūrs Brūniņš Buki coach). You will agree - a serious jury!

On May 5, all ratings were counted - the best Loud Reader of Gulbene Region is Annija Ilyenko from Gulbene Region State Gymnasium! Congratulations Annie!

There are two places this time. Welcome to Anna Emīlija Anži from Gulbene County State Gymnasium and Kitijs Tomiņš from Lejasciems Secondary School. Matīss Salmiņš from Lejasciems Secondary School took the third place.

We would like to thank every new reader who was not afraid of another format and submitted their reading for review. Thanks also to the teachers and school librarians for their involvement. Of course, a big thank you to the parents!

We really want to see the new readers in person, we also want to see the jury. The awards will be presented in person, because we hope that the situation in the country will change and we will see all readers in the Gulbene district library by the beginning of the summer, this time without supporters.

Solvita Lībere
Gulbene district libraries
Head of the children's library