Stronger together even in unusual working conditions

At the beginning of March, the work of the young volunteers David, Sven and Lea in the project of the European Solidarity Corps program took place as usual - interesting and active work with pre-school students, pupils and people of Gulbene region. The activities of the closing events of the project in the organizations, flights home were planned, until at one point everything became completely different.

The global pandemic made major adjustments to our daily lives. Previous forms and activities of cooperation could no longer take place in person. Cancel project? The young people decided: “No! We will stay and continue the project, gaining new experiences that open up other forms and opportunities for learning at work, just like people around the world! ”

This moment was significant for us as project implementers, because we realized that we have been a strong shoulder and family for young people, they felt and acknowledged it. Our partners in Germany and Austria wrote: "We trust you and we are sure that together you will make the best decision for young people!" The support of the young people from the home during the telephone conversations and the expression of trust from the sending organizations helped to make the decision to become even stronger in the team, although it was not easy for everyone emotionally.

Well, everyday life is completely different, but no less interesting and fulfilling. Volunteers electronically prepare and send weekly assignments in English and German to their students in the Gulbene County Library and pre-school educational institutions, create video lessons for students, and learn Latvian together with their teacher online. With pre-school on-call groups, young people play outside, where there is physical activity and the Latvian language is spoken! In their free time, young people travel around and around the area around Gulbene by bicycle.

May health, strength and enterprise all of us use this time as an opportunity at work, in remote communication and self-education!

Lāsma Lapkaša
Gulbene 1. PII project “Stronger together” coordinator