A new pharmacy was opened in Gulbene 55 years ago

55 years ago, on April 17, 1965, a new pharmacy was opened in Gulbene at 55a Rīgas Street - GAP pharmacy No. 154.

Due to unsuitable conditions in the old pharmacy building at 37 Rīgas Street, with the increase in the workload and stock of medicines, as well as the increase in the number of pharmacy employees, it became almost impossible to work in the old building. In 1963, the construction of the new pharmacy building at 55a Rīgas Street was started. The building was completed relatively quickly - in the spring of 1965.

The people of Gulbene received a great gift in the anniversary year of the republic: on Saturday, the new pharmacy opened its doors. Spacious rooms, modern equipment will delight everyone. The furniture in the visitors' hall is made of plastic, metal and glass. This facility is planned for two more pharmacies in the republic this year. Lithuanian friends have sent a modern assistant's room equipment. There is a large space of materials. Designers have also thought about employee convenience. They have a staff room, a dressing room and a red corner. (Dzirkstele, No. 47, 20.04.1965.)

The stories of pharmacies can be read on the website of Gulbene County Library: http://www.gulbenesbiblioteka.lv/lv/novads/digitalas-izstades/gulbenes-pilsetas-aptieku-stasti